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Digital Story

ECS 210 Was more of a class that forced me to look beyond my own views brought into the classroom with me and expand my thinking. In my video I explain how coming from my background has developed my common sense and how I can use what I learned in ECS210 to expand this thinking … Continue reading Digital Story Continue reading

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Teaching Treaty Ed

In most school systems there is not one classroom in which all the students are of the same one race, there is diversity within any classroom you look at however this does not mean every race is going to be in every classroom. Regardless of the races upon the students in a classroom these students … Continue reading Teaching Treaty Ed Continue reading

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Learning from place

In the article, the author talks about how the youth, as well as elders, were reintroduced to an area, in this case, a river. In doing this it introduced the idea that the term reinhabitation has to do with taking a place in which individuals have knowledge of and reintroducing them into the environment to … Continue reading Learning from place Continue reading

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Teaching Math

All throughout my schooling experience as far back as I can remember we only really learned math one way. This however does not necessarily relate to learning math in my younger schooling years. I would assume most students from my generation can remember how in younger grades there was more diversity in how we learned … Continue reading Teaching Math Continue reading

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How I “read the world”

I completed my whole schooling experience up until university in catholic schools throughout Calgary. Because of the area, I lived in my designated schools and was always the one I attended. My neighborhood wasn’t very inclusive in regards to diversity so the school’s population was primarily white. This alongside the fact that my school was … Continue reading How I “read the world” Continue reading

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Treaty Education in Saskatchewan

In the article “Curriculum Policy and the Politics of What Should be Learned in Schools” by Ben Levin we see a deeper look into just what goes into designing a curriculum as well as how much goes into this process and how many pieces are needed to be put together to achieve a end result … Continue reading Treaty Education in Saskatchewan Continue reading

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What it means to be a “good” student

What does it mean to be a “good” student according to the commonsense?  Considering that common sense looks different to everyone there are multiple definitions you could come up with in terms of what a “good students is, however after reading the article and my own personal understanding according to common sense being a “good” … Continue reading What it means to be a “good” student Continue reading

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Sex Education and the curriculum

For our paper I decided to research the topic Sex education and the curriculum. I began this journey by first looking at the article “Sex education and the need for change” written by Carstairs, Catherine ; Philpott, Bethany ; and Wilmshurst, Sara.  In this article they talk about some of the negative feelings people have … Continue reading Sex Education and the curriculum Continue reading

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Curriculum Theory & Practice

In Smiths article he writes about what curriculum practice means as well as covers the four models of curriculum. The first one he talks about is curriculum as a body of knowledge to be transmitted, with this one we get some benefits which come along with it which include its one of the most basic … Continue reading Curriculum Theory & Practice Continue reading

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Common Sense

How does Kumashiro define ‘commonsense?’ Why is it so important to pay attention to the ‘commonsense’? Kumashiro easily defines common sense as something that everyone should know. Later in the article, he also goes on to say how everyone has a different view of common sense depending on where you from, what experiences you’ve had […] Continue reading

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